Has donated 150 Power Rangers Super Mega Force Blind Bag Figures for the gift bags at the show.


Also we are announcing a Power Rangers Gift Basket to the best build created at the show from our Kids play area. This contest will be judged at 2:00 pm  open to ages up to 14

Build what you want in the kids play area and one winner will get

The Power Rangers Gift basket includes

megabloks-5663-6774 megabloks-5665-6773 megabloks-blue-ranger-air-glider-5619-6502 megabloks-blue-ranger-air-glider-5619-6776 megabloks-gosei-great-megazord-5875-3416 megabloks-gosei-great-megazord-5875-3417 megabloks-gosei-great-megazord-5875-7210 megabloks-legendary-megazord-5663-7130 megabloks-legendary-megazord-5663-7131 megabloks-q-rex-megazord-5664-6772 megabloks-q-rex-megazord-5664-7132 megabloks-q-rex-megazord-5664-7133 megabloks-red-ranger-air-glider-5676-6785 megabloks-red-ranger-air-glider-5676-6786 megabloks-red-ranger-vs.vrak-5829-4962 megabloks-red-ranger-vs.vrak-5829-7207 megabloks-robo-knight-vs.vrak-5872-3400 megabloks-robo-knight-vs.vrak-5872-3401 megabloks-robo-knight-vs.vrak-5872-7209 megabloks-ultimate-legendary-megazord-5665-7134 megabloks-ultimate-legendary-megazord-5665-7135

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